history of the Department

As of 2007, the Faculty of Dentistry consisted of three departments - Propaedeutics of Dentistry disciplines, Therapeutic and Pediatric dentistry, Surgical and Prosthetic dentistry.

Department of Surgical and Prosthetic dentistry was headed by the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Ya. P. Nahirnyi

prof. Ya. P. Nahirnyi, MD

Personnel: responsible for educational work – candidate of medical sciences, assistant E. I. Okonskyi, deputy head of the department of surgical dentistry – assistant. R. V. Oshchypko, responsible for the medical work – assistant I. S. Manashchuk, responsible for scientific work – assistant A. I. Storozhko, assistants O. O. Stakhansky, I. I. Hlova, laboratory assistants – L. B. Melnyk, A. B. Kyrylchuk, lecturers: candidate of medical sciences – assistant E.I.Okonskyi, assistant A.O. Stakhanskyi, A. I. Storozhko.

The bases of the department were the consultative-medical center of Ternopil State Medical University (Chekhova Street, 7) and the Dental Department of TKKL (Clinichna Street, 1).

Was created a dental laboratory. The department teaches such disciplines as: Surgical Dentistry, Prosthetic Dentistry, bases of dentistry for the medical faculty. There were courses to increase specialization in family medicine.

Since 2008 the department of Prosthetic dentistry has been headed by prof. S. I. Cherkashyn, MD.

prof. S. I. Cherkashyn, MD

As of 2011, the staff of the department worked: the head of the department was prof. S. I. Cherkashyn, MD, canditate of medical sciences, associate professor P. A. Hasiuk, Cand. canditate of medical sciences A. B. Boikiv, assistants A. V. Cvyntarnyy, A. O. Bandrivska, A. Ye. Demkovych, V. M. Luchinskii, S. O. Rosolovska, L. V. Pyasetska, V. R. Machogan, O. O. Stakhanskyi, L. V. Rebuha, V. V. Shcherba, G. V. Ugryn, A. O. Bedenyuk, I. E. Chuiko, N. Z. Sampara.

In accordance with the approved Concept of Development of Ternopil State Medical University by I. Ya. Horbachevsky at the department implemented Z-system of training, lines of practical skills, objective structured clinical examination, communication skills.

Assistant, PhD Demkovych A. Ye., associate professor, MD Hasiuk P. A., associate professor, PhD Machohan V. R. on objective structured clinical examination (OSKI) for second-year students

Since 2011, the department has switched to a credit-module system of training. Accomplishment of thematic study rooms with dental units, tools, dummies and study tables was carried out.

In order to formulate the study, the department uses traditional and non-traditional methods of teaching and controlling students' knowledge. Students 'learning methods are Students scients community, science work, student Olympiad, which are aimed at flexible students' logical thinking.

The clinical base of the department is the dental center of the "Ternopil State Medical University by I. Ya. Horbachevsky" (Chekhova Street, 7), where teachers provide medical and prophylactic help to the city's population.

Treatment of patients on the basis of the department

Teachers of the department with intern doctors carry out medical work at the educational and practical centers of primary medical and sanitary care located in the village. It's gone and with. Kokoshyntsi, Gusyatyn district.

Treatment of patients on the basis of practical centre in Uvysla and Kokoshyntsi

Since 2009 the department carries out preparation of interns on the specialty "Prosthetic dentistry".

Since September 2013, the training of interns is being carried out at the newly established department of dentistry of postgraduate education, headed by prof. S. I. Cherkashyn, MD.

Since September 2013 the department is headed by associate professor P. A. Hasiuk, MD.

Head of Prosthetic Department associate professor P. A. Hasiuk, MD.

Personnel: department head teacher – assistant S.O. Rosolovska, PhD, associate professor V. R. Machohan, PhD, associate professor V.V. Shcherba, PhD, assistant. A. Ye. Demkovych, PhD, assistant. O. Bandrivska, PhD, assistant. T. I. Dzetsiukh, PhD, assistant O.A. Badeniuk, assistant. A.B. Vorobets, master's degree V.B. Radchuk, lab. A. B. Kyrylchuk, G.V. Ugryn.

The staff of the department as of January 2018

Staff of Prosthetic Dentistry Department as of January 2018: prof., head of the department P.A. Hasiuk, MD; department head teacher, associate professor S.O. Rosolovska, PhD; associate professor O. O. Stakhanska, PhD; associate professor A. B. Boikiv, PhD; associate professor O.O. Bandrivska, PhD; associate professor T. I. Dzetsiukh, PhD; associate professor A.Ye. Demkovych, PhD; assistant O.A. Bedeniuk, PhD; assistant A.B. Vorobets, PhD; assistant A.O. Grad; master graduate V.B. Radchuk; lab I.V. Bodnarchuk; lab. G.V. Ugryn; lab. N.T. Gordij; lab. V.M. Teraz.