Department of Orthopedic Dentistry

As of 2007 Dental faculty consisted of three departments - Propaedeutics of dental disciplines, Pediatric dentistry and Therapeutic dentistry, Surgical and Orthopedic dentistry.

Department of Surgical and Orthopedic dentistry headed candidate by Ya. P. Nahirnyi.


Assoc. prof. Ya. P. Nahirnyi, PhD.

Staff: Deputy head of the department, responsible for the educational work – as. E. I. Okonskyy, PhD, head of teachers of department, deputy head of department of Surgical Dentistry – as. R. V. Oshchypko, responsible for clinical work – as. I. S. Manaschuk, responsible for the scientific work – as. A. I. Storozhko, assistants: O. O. Stahanskyy, I. I. Glova, laboratory: L. B. Melnyk, A. B. Kyrylchuk, teachers: as. E. I. Okonskyy, PhD, assistants O. O. Stahanskyy, A. I. Storozhko.

Bases department were consultative and treatment center of Ternopil State Medical University (Chekhov str., 7) and dental department of Regional Hospital of Ternopil (Clinichna str., 1).


Established dental laboratory. The department taught such subjects as: Surgical dentistry, Prosthodontics, Dental bases for medical faculty. Conducted refresher specialization of family medicine.

Since 2008, the department of Orthopedic dentistry led by professor S. I. Cherkashyn.


professor S. I. Cherkashyn, MD

As of 2011 in the Department worked: head of department – professor S. I. Cherkashyn, MD, assoc. prof. P. A. Gasiuk, PhD, A. B. Boykiv, PhD, assistants: A. V. Tsvuntarnyi, O. O. Bandrivska, A. E. Demkovych, V. M. Luchynskyi, S. O. Rosolovska, L. V. Pyasetska, V. R. Machogan, A. A. Stahanskyi, L. V. Rebuha, V. V. Shcherba, senior laboratory – A. O. Bedenyuk, laboratory – G. V. Uhryn, I. E. Chuyko, M. Z. Sampara.

According to the approved Development Concept of Ternopil State Medical University by I. Ya. Horbachevsky at the Department introduced Z-learning system, a line of practical skills, objective structured clinical examination, communication skills.


As. Demkovych A. Ye., PhD, assoc. prof. Gasiuk P.A., MD, assoc. prof. Machogan V. R., PhD adopt objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) in the second year students.

Since 2011, the department moved to the credit-module system of education. A thematic training rooms staffed dental units, tools, models and training tables.

In order to study at the Department profiling using traditional and non-traditional methods of learning and knowledge control students. The methods of teaching students is SSG, SEW, students olympiad, aimed at flexible logical thinking students.

The clinical base of the department is Dental Center SHEI "Ternopil State Medical University by I. Ya. Horbachevsky" (Chekhova str., 7), where teachers provide medical advice and consulting help for citizens of city.


Teachers of department with medical interns conduct clinical work in teaching and practical centers of primary health care, located in the village Uvysla and Kokoshyntsi, Husyatyn area.


Since 2009, the department provides training of interns in specialty "Prosthetic dentistry".

Since September 2013 the department is headed by Associate Professor P. A. Gasiuk, MD.


Assoc. prof. P. A. Gasiuk, MD

C:\Users\ВОВА\Desktop\колектив осінь 2015.jpg

Staff: the head teacher of the department – assistant S. O. Rosolovska, PhD, assoc. prof. V. R.  Machogan, PhD, assoc. prof. V. V. Shcherba, PhD, assistant A. Ye. Demkovych, PhD, assistant O. O. Bandrivska, PhD, assistant T. I. Dzetsiukh, PhD, assistant O. A. Bedenyuk, assistant A. B. Vorobets, assistant A. O. Hrad, undergraduate V. B. Radchuk, undergraduate O. Ya. Lavrin, senior laboratory I. V. Bondarchuk, laboratories – A. B. Kyrylchuk, G. V.  Uhryn.

Department staff published more than 300 articles and abstracts in journals and collections. Research should provide targeted set of measures orthopedic treatment on the basis of functional disorders caused by loss of teeth or other pathological manifestations. The theoretical justification for choosing the optimal design of prostheses and prosthetic determine performance criteria will facilitate the development of practical recommendations for the treatment of various lesions dentition and implement them in practical public health. The results of scientific research are used to treat patients at the Department, and implemented in public health practice through consultations, publications in periodicals, innovations, reports on dental societies, as well as the nationwide, regional and district dental conferences.

In 2014, student of 5 course of the Dentistry Faculty Radchuk Volodymyr took part in «XVIII International Congress of Medical students and young scientists" with report: "Biomechanical aspects of artistic restoration of front teeth" (supervisor: Assoc. prof. P. A. Gasiuk, MD) and was awarded a diploma I degree.


In February 2015 in the IV International Dental Conference of students and young scientists "Actual problems of modern dentistry" Head of Department assoc. prof. Gasiuk P. A., assistant Vorobets A. B. and undergraduate Radchuk V. B. participated in lectures IV International Dental Conference of students and young scientists. In the second part of the conference at the dental faculty of Uzhgorod National University Vorobets A. B. with the theme of the report "Peculiarities precarious process in pits and fissures of molars teeth" and Radchuk V. B. with the theme of the report "Peculiarities of morphological changes at different dental pulp odontopreparing species in metal-design" made to an audience of students and young scientists took prizes and diplomas were awarded for the best report.

Assoc. prof. Gasiuk P.A., MD read lecture to students of dental faculty of the Novosibirsk State Medical University in the international academic mobility

In Department of Prosthetic Dentistry study students II, III, IV, V courses. Knowledge of Prosthetic Dentistry students acquire in three languages: Ukrainian also English and Russian. Here they learn of orthopedic stomatology with Propaedeutics course work, both on phantoms and patients with orthopedic, master manual skills on making various orthopedic designs.

Teaching work department constructed on the basis of curricula approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, through training programs for students and description orthopedic dentist. Supportive educational process is developed by the Department on guidelines for teachers and students to work in academic and extracurricular time. Methodical developments printing method published in Ukrainian, Russian and English.



Educational stands

The department works on practically-oriented education system. This method is new and progressive in preparing specialists in medicine and dentistry, promotes the absorption of fixed and new methods of diagnostics of diseases and principles of treatment of patients already at the stage of learning basic theoretical knowledge.
The department is actively working on the preparation of new textbooks and teaching aids. During the years 2012-2015 the department published textbooks 8 (1 English).


The students also involves the study of a single working day. The department is equipped classrooms, clinical rooms and tooth-technical laboratory. The powerful material base, modern dental equipment, provision of new equipment and devices for proper equip learning process.


Assoc. prof. Shcherba V. V., PhD conducting seminars discussing the practical classes with students of IV course


Assoc. prof. Rosolovska S. O., PhD discusses test situation tasks with students of IV course


Assistant Dzetsiukh T. I., PhD considers with students the main aspects of non-removable prosthesis

All laboratory aspects, of manufacturing various orthopedic constructions of dentures, for students of II-IV courses according to topics of practical lessons explains and demonstrates the laboratory stages with highly technical education tooth-equipped laboratories in the department.




Laboratory Kyrylchuk A. B. conducts laboratory analysis aspects of bugel (arch) prosthesis

The staff of department help students understand the basic knowledge and practical skills in prosthodontics. According to the approved "Concept of Ternopil State Medical University" at the Department introduced Z-learning system, a line of practical skills, objective structured clinical examination, communication skills, allowing you to prepare better quality specialist compared with traditional training system.

An important step in learning practical skills are lines that include all the necessary skills according to the educational qualification characteristics of a graduate and is a must for successful student during the school year. For mastering practical skills the student has all conditions. The purpose of education is to train highly qualified professionals.


Assoc. prof. Rosolovska S. O., PhD takes practical skills from students III year


Assistant Demkovych A. E., PhD takes the practical skills of students in English-language course V

Since 2011, the department moved to the credit-module system of education, which held thematic training rooms staffed dental facilities, equipment, tools, models and training tables.



Based on the decision of the Academic Council of 12-25-2012 establishment and implementation of educational software for university departments, the Orthopedic Department together with Department of virtual learning programs were created curriculum virtual program: "Laboratory of manufacture prosthetic appliances based on zirconium oxide" for use students in teaching and practice.


For the purpose of profiling training at the department used traditional and non-traditional methods of learning and knowledge control students. Teaching methods are SSG, SEW, students olympiad, aimed at flexible logical thinking students.

In addition, students writing the history of orthopedic patient and practical training allows, on the one hand, analyze the acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and teacher - to identify shortcomings in the teaching of theoretical and practical sections and hold them timely correction during subintern. But no matter how effective was training at the department, it needs control. As a control test equipment used computer control, problematic situation tasks, tests of the license exam "KROK 2. Dentistry", situational tasks during state examinations. This technique allows to analyze the whole gradual process of learning to control it, to make a correction to educate qualified.


Pass of practical skills of students during state exam

Staff of Department of Orthopedic Dentistry constantly working to improve teaching work. Method development for practical training for students, subject lectures practical classes always updated constantly improved.

Teachers of department are curators of academic groups of 5th year dental faculty. Under the plan meets with students, where pay attention to improving the overall culture, moral and physical improvement, education of the best qualities of citizens, formation of national consciousness. For this organized visits to museums, theaters, meetings with public figures and prominent specialists of the University. Teachers regularly visit the hostel, to learn about the living conditions of students are actively involved in educational activities of the university.

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Teachers of department with curatorial groups

The main goal of educational work is realized by joint educational, scientific and creative activity department staff and students. Special attention is paid department staff education of future professionals, involving them in research, speeches at conferences, participation in exhibitions and competitions.

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The participation of students in scientific conferences and "master classes"