educational work

At the Orthopedic Dentistry Department study both domestic and foreign students of II, III, IV, V courses. Students acquire knowledge in orthopedic stomatology in two languages: Ukrainian and English. Here they study orthopedic dentistry with a course of propaedeutic, work both on phantoms and with orthopedic patients, master manual skills in the manufacture of various orthopedic constructions.

The teaching and methodical work of the department is built taking into account the curricula approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, an end-to-end program for teaching students and the qualification characteristics of a dentist-orthopedist.

Methodical maintenance of educational process is carried out due to the methodical recommendations developed at the department for teachers and students for work in the educational and extra-curricular time. Methodical instructions are issued in typographical way Ukrainian and English languages.

The department works on a practically-oriented system of education. This method is the newest and the most progressive in the preparation of specialists in the field of medicine and dentistry, promotes the assimilation of the basic and most modern methods of diagnosing diseases and the principles of treating patients already at the stage of mastering the basic theoretical knowledge. The preparation of students also includes training in a tape system for the training of II-III students and a system of a single working day for students of IV-V courses. The department is provided with educational classes, clinical halls and dental laboratory. A powerful material base, modern dental equipment, new equipment and devices for conducting the educational process are provided.

Online video broadcast of the International Congress "Dentsply Sirona World 2017" for students of the Faculty of Dentistry

All laboratory aspects of the manufacture of certain orthopedic constructions of dentures for students of II-IV courses according to the topics of practical classes are explained and demonstrated by a highly qualified laboratory technician with dental education in the equipped laboratory of the department.

Laboratory assistant Teraz V. M. conducts analysis of laboratory aspects of prosthetics

The faculty of the department helps students to master basic knowledge and practical skills in orthopedic dentistry.

According to the approved development concept "Ternopil State Medical University named after I. Ya. Gorbachevsky of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine", Z-training system, practical skills lines, objective structured clinical examination, communication skills are introduced at the department, it allows to prepare a qualitatively better specialist in comparison with the traditional training system.

An important stage of the training is a line of practical skills that includes all the necessary skills in accordance with the educational and qualifying characteristics of the graduate and is mandatory for the mastery of the student during the school year. To master the practical skill, all conditions for the student are created. The goal of training is the training of highly qualified specialists.

Modern education increasingly relies on the theory of pedagogical measurements; new pedagogical technologies are being introduced, including information technologies. That is why a computer class with a sufficient amount of equipment was created on the basis of the dental center so that students studying at the department had the opportunity to master additional knowledge with the help of the worldwide Internet network.

Based on the Academic Council of the University decision of 25.12.2012 on the creation and implementation of educational software for the departments of the university, the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry together with the department of virtual educational programs, a virtual training program "Laboratory stages of manufacturing bridges based on zirconium oxide" was created for use by students in teaching and practical work.

Virtual training program "Laboratory stages of manufacturing bridges based on zirconium oxide"

For the purpose of profiling the training in the department of orthopedic dentistry, traditional and non-traditional methods of teaching and controlling students' knowledge are used. Methods of teaching students are SNT, research of students, student's Olympiad, aimed at flexible logical thinking of students.

In addition, the students' writing of the medical history of the orthopedic patient and the passage of practice makes it possible, on the one hand, to analyze the theoretical knowledge and practical skills obtained, and to the teacher to identify shortcomings in teaching theoretical and practical sections and conduct their timely correction during subordination. However, no matter how effective teaching is at the department, it needs control.

As monitoring tools, test computer control, problem situation tasks, tests of the "Step 2. Stomatology" licensing examination, situational tasks during state examinations are used.

Such a technique allows, on the whole, analyzing the gradual process of training, to monitor it, to carry out a correction with the goal of educating a qualified specialist.